Klaviatūra, skirta "BlackBerry" Keytwo Key2 LE KeyOne DTEK70 Klaviatūros Mygtuką Su " Flex Kabelis Telefono atsarginės Dalys, Juoda, Sidabro Bandymo Viršų

1.100% Brand New Ir Aukštos Kokybės (Jokių Įbrėžimų);

2.Suderinami 100%;

3.100% bandymo prieš išsiuntimą;

4.Puikus pakeitimas;

5.Supakuoti saugos burbulas;

  • Pakuotė: Supakuoti saugos burbulas
  • Pritaikymas: Klaviatūros Mygtuką "BlackBerry" Keytwo LE
  • Paslauga: Profesionalus tiekėjas ir greitas pristatymas
  • QC: Išbandyti kiekvieną nuorodą
  • Produktas: Keytwo LE Klaviatūros Flex Kabelis
  • Dizainas: BARAS
  • Modelio Numeris: "BlackBerry" Keytwo Key2 LE
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: FLPORIA
  • Pavadinimas: Klaviatūra, skirta "BlackBerry" Key2 LE
  • spalva: DTEK70 Klaviatūros Flex Kabelis
  • Suderinamos Prekės: "BlackBerry"
  • Naudoti: Meniu Mygtuką

  • Author: Johnnytruong620
  • Date: 2020-10-22
  • havent try it,but i hope it work well,i'll leave another note after ive try it.thanks to seller.the delivery it self is took a very long time,2 months!but maybe because of the pandemic
  • 5/5

  • Author: Silantev77
  • Date: 2021-01-03
  • I really don't recommend this seller. This is a method of requesting an additional purchase because the delivery is canceled after purchase and asked to resend the item. If you sell at a lower price during the November 11th sale period, cancel delivery, and request an additional amount, it is a consumer's damage This is a place that does not understand the convenience of consumers because the prices are different every day. Even if I just give a few more dollars, I recommend living in another place. The bottom line is that delivery was not fast, but time wasted, delivery was not successful, and products were missed. Really worst
  • 1/5